Monday, April 5, 2010

A Midterm Project With a Profit

My Website Publishing II class has collaborated to create a unique Midterm project. Each student was assigned to create his/her own website meant for selling one's photographs. The purpose of the assignment was to learn how to make a website in Flash. But it doesn't end there. Our teacher, Jennifer Keats has made a website to link to all of our websites. The next step is to promote the project by any means possible. As a class, we will be keeping a tally of how many prints each of us is able to sell by the end of the semester.

Here is the project: The Schoolyard Project

And here is my website: Buy My Photographs

For this assignment I've selected six images from the Dana series. Each are printed 8"X10" on Digital Archival paper in editions of 10 and priced at $25 (shipping included).

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